Nikki vs Brie Bella at WrestleMania 31 Would Have Been Best for Business

With WrestleMania 31 just a few weeks ago, the divas match has been set, but as of March 11, there is not title match. Instead there will be a tag team match pitting the Bella Twins against Paige and A.J.

Since the Bellas returned to the WWE, primarily to be apart of E! Network’s Total Divas, they have taken the divas division by storm. They are must see television. I will admit, I was not a huge fan when they debuted, I did not dislike them, but they were just another set of female wrestlers. But now I look forward to watching them on WWE television. There is no question that since Nikki is dating John Cena, and Brie is married to Daniel Bryan, these two have been the focal point of Total Divas. However they have used this to become even bigger parts of WWE television.

During the Spring of 2014, Brie’s Husband Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to injury. This lead to Brie and Stephanie McMahon, The Principal Owner of the WWE, being involved in a storyline. Brie would quit the WWE to avoid being fired for slapping Stephanie. While Brie was out, Nikki suffered the consequences. She was put in many handicap matches as a form of punishment. Ultimately Brie returned and face Stephanie at SummerSlam. On that night, Nikki turned on Brie costing her the match.

Nikki and Brie would not see eye to eye as Nikki blamed Brie for everything that went wrong with her life. This lead to the two facing each other at Hell in a Cell and if Nikki won, Brie would have to be her personal assistant for 30 days or quit. After Nikki won, she made Brie do any and everything that was humiliating.

At Survivor Series, Nikki earned a shot at A.J. for the Divas Championship. Brie, no longer obligated to help her sister, joined her at ringside. As soon as the bell rang, Brie jumped on the apron, grabbed A.J. and kissed her, which caused her to be distracted and allowed Nikki to take advantage and deliver a Rack Attack and win the Divas Championship.

On the most recent episode of Total Divas, both Nikki and Brie expressed interest in adventures outside of the WWE.  Brie is ready to be a mother and Nikki has opportunities elsewhere. If this is the case, then I understand the tag match at WrestleMania and I would not be surprised if there was a stipulation to put the title on the line with A.J. or Paige walking out Divas Champion.


Since Nikki has been Divas Champion, the two have been inseparable. This makes you wonder, when will Brie seek revenge for all the nasty things Nikki made her do. What better way to pay Nikki back then to defeat her on the biggest stage, WrestleMania.



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