John Cena Restoring Prestige to the United States Championship


WrestleMania 31 become a monumental night for John Cena. He defeated the unbeaten Rusev and became the new WWE United States Champion. This was the very first title he won when he came to the WWE. Since his title victory, he has been a defending champion.



Each week, John Cena issues an open challenge. Once the challenge is issued, anyone can challenge him for the title. Cena’s opponents have included Dean Ambrose, Stardust and Wade Barrett. Fans have complained that the belt does not mean anything. Two years ago when Ambrose won the title everyone was excited because they felt that he would defend the title and his charisma would make him must see tv and put him in meaningful feuds. Ambrose, a member of the Shield at the time who were also tag team champions, found himself in more 6-man tag matches and eventually the belt just became an accessory.


During Rusev’s title reign, one can argue that he made the belt matter. Personally I believed that it mattered while he had it. After all, Rusev was an anti-American and he was someone who Cena needed to dethrone in order for it to make sense that he was chasing the title. Looking at Rusev’s title reign, it was a great one. He defended the belt against proud American’s such as Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Each time they attempted to win the title, they did it with one thing in mind, putting the country on their back. However, they came up short.


Moving forward, Cena is set to defend his title against Rusev at Extreme Rules. While this the championship rematch, and the rubber match between the two, this match will mean something. John Cena, the face of the company, having the United States Championship brings advertisers to the United States Championship. Casual wrestling fans would be interested in this match because it is a title match. But, there are people who tune into the WWE just because they love John Cena; to them, whatever he does is important, and now they will understand what the United States Championship means.




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