Cameron Rising to the Top



We were first introduced to this bombshell on the 2011 season of Tough Enough. During that first episode, she was asked what was her favorite match, her answer Alicia Fox vs. Melina. From that point on everyone knew, she was not a wrestling fan, she was just trying to get in the business to become famous. Cameron was the first to be eliminated.

What many did not realize, she was a diva-search winner, therefore that explains why she was on tough enough to begin with. Cameron however would later receive a developmental contract where she would compete on FCW and she learned to how to become a wrestler.

In 2012 Brodus Clay made his debut and he was joined by The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi). The two joined him at ringside every week and with them being very attractive females, Brodus Clay became must see TV. I wrote an article a month ago about how the gimmick can fail, but the valet’s go over. During the summer of 2013, E! network began airing a show titled Total Divas. Cameron has been one of the top divas on the show. Fans have had an inside look at her career development both inside and outside the ring. Like Naomi, Cameron eventually got bigger than Brodus Clay allowing the two get away from being his valets.

Total Divas has allowed Cameron to become a pop star. She launched her first single, Bye Bye, along with a music video.  Cameron has found a way to entertain fans outside of the ring. Total Divas and social media has played a huge part in this.



During the summer of 2014, Cameron and Naomi parted ways after Cameron appeared to be jealous of Naomi. The two competed in several matches and even exchanged victories. Cameron, who may not be as skilled as Naomi, but she is more entertaining and found ways to outsmart her. When they split up, it looked like Cameron may get lost in the shuffle, after all this group of WWE Divas have been some of the best wrestlers to date. Cameron is what the previous group was, model first, wrestling second.


As the new season of the WWE kicks off, Cameron’s character along with her wrestling has evolved. She is becoming one of the more outspoken WWE divas and she is attractive making her someone the male demographic would love to see. Cameron has stated that she wants to be WWE Divas champion, and with her character in tact and her wrestling improving, it is only a matter of time. If her music career takes off under the WWE umbrella, they would have no choice than to give her a shot at the belt.








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