Naomi and Tamina: Family Over Everything

Naomi and Tamina Family over Everything

Finally I can see the wheels moving! Naomi is about turn the corner and become the main event diva that I had hoped for. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote and asking the question, Is there money in Naomi?, but based on recent events, I can see Naomi becoming more than just athleticism. After writing this I received a lot of backlash on twitter…where I can be found @MrMainEventBDuB because many felt that I did not like Naomi. Thats far from the truth, while Cameron is my favorite, Naomi is one I feel has the full package inside in the ring, but outside there is something lacking.  On the May 4th edition of Monday Night Raw, the Bella Twins were attacked by Naomi and her cousin by marriage Tamina Snuka.

Who saw this coming? I thought that Cameron would join her to help with the Bellas and after she said tried to take credit for Naomi’s success and reminded the Bellas that they were not better than her, I thought perhaps this could be a possibility. But putting Naomi with Tamina is money. Now when she has a true bodyguard on the outside to protect her so she can handle business inside the ring. When Tamina was with A.J. Lee, she was what Diesel was to Shawn Michaels. Because of this, you have to give her some credit for A.J’s historic title reign. Naomi made it clear, no has your back the way family does and while Brie has been right by Nikki’s side to ensure she holds on to the Divas Championship, there is no way she is a match for Tamina. While Naomi’s new attitude is still developing, with a bodyguard by her side, it would only be a manner of time before she is the new Divas Champ!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.52.44 PM






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