TNA, Give Matt Hardy the Ball

TNA Give Matt Hardy the Ball

Matt Hardy is a main eventer waiting to happen!” These are words, former WWE Champion, JBL used to say every week on Smackdown. Unfortunately Matt Hardy never got his chance to be a World Champion in the WWE. His tag team work with his brother Jeff, will easily have him in their hall of fame. But Hardy is no where near slowing down, in fact many could say he is better than ever right now. He and his brother Jeff won the vacated TNA Tag Team Championship. However, due to Jeff breaking his leg, they were forced to vacate the titles. So what’s next for Matt?


When Matt Hardy announced that they would be vacating the belts, he admitted that Jeff always does what he wants to do and there are times where he would suffer. He continued by saying that he was leaving until he figured out what was next for him. Now when you watch the promo, you realize that there is some sort of resentment there. Kayfabe or not, now is the time to pull the trigger on Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy is world championship material.

On the Mother’s Day episode of The Wrestling Summit, we discussed the possibility of Hardy being a TNA Champion. One thing Glenwood Thomas pointed out that would be key is social media. Matt Hardy was the first wrestler to embrace social media, and even to this day, he continues to do. With this guy being world champion, it would be fresh. TNA could capitalize on that feel good moment wrestlers have when they win their first world major title. Hardy is also a global superstar. He has become the modern day Jerry “the King” Lawler, winning titles in independent promotions all over the country. Matt Hardy is a drawing card for any promotion. When fans see him on the flyer, they pay their money. This is the draw that TNA needs. If TNA wants to make real money, they would pull the trigger on Matt Hardy, put him in a program and he would be their world champion. And when Jeff comes back, have these two in the main event. “Fans have yet to see Matt Hardy as a world champion on TV, and you can never go wrong with a Matt and Jeff Hardy feud.” – The Real Dwayne Allen





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