Get Jasmine Robinson on WWE Tough Enough

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Recently, Mr Main Event Brian Waters had the opportunity to talk with Jasmine Robinson. Jasmine is trying to make her way to WWE Tough Enough and prove that she belongs on the WWE roster.

          BW:  When did you decide that you were going to apply for the Tough Enough competition?

JR: From the first time they aired it on T.V I knew I had to submit a video ! 

         BW:  When did you first fall in love with wrestling? 

JR:  I started watching wrestling with my grandad when I was only a year old and we watched it EVERYTIME it came on , I think I knew I wanted to become a WWE Diva when I was six years old and went to my first live show.  

         BW: Who is your all-time favorite

JR: My all time favorite is the Undertaker he was the first wrestler I fell in love with and now it’s Roman Reigns everything about him is awesome. Roman Reigns is a beast in the ring and a awesome family man and role model out of the ring. 

          BW: What would be your ideal WrestleMania moment?

JR: My ideal WrestleMania event would be me in the ring fighting for the WWE Divas championship! 

         BW: What can we expect from you when you become a WWE Diva?

 JR: I strongly believe that being a WWE Diva is not only about having a pretty face and I think a lot of applicants do not understand that.  It’s about determination , drive and also being a great role model. I will dominate in the ring and help all girls, women and even men realize that you can achieve your dreams to never give up no matter what it is that you want to accomplish!   


Follow Jasmine on Twitter

        @JassRobinson12 and share her YouTube Video.








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