Lana is Dolph Ziggler’s Last Hope

Dolph Ziggler now with Lana

He always talks about stealing shows, he always sells and makes his opponent look good, and in his opinion, he is the best wrestler in the company, but truth be told, Dolph Ziggler has never reached main event status without a female valet. The two time World Heavyweight Champion was accompanied by Vickie Guerrero and A.J. Lee during both of his title reigns. But since his departure, he has been back to the mid-card. Recently,  Lana joined Ziggler and once again he will have a female by his side, so where does Dolph go from here?




After being the sole-survivor at last year’s Survivor Series, fans believed that maybe Dolph Ziggler would finally break through the glass ceiling. Unfortunately for him, he was just an Intercontinental Champion. Sure he had great matches with Luke Harper, but when Bad News Barrett returned, back to down the ladder goes Ziggler.  When you look at Dolph Ziggler, the wrestling has always been there. You may even say the move set has evolved, but his character is a different story.



Dolph Ziggler is a wrestler who the male demographic of 18-35 loves him. He reminds many of B.A. Billy Gunn and Mr. Perfect. But fans are entertained by his wrestling. When he is not on the show, typically, they do not miss him. Ziggler has not found a way to connect with the audience. For Daniel Bryan, he was the underdog who did everything right but was constantly being overlooked. Even when his friends and co-workers were pushing for him, he was still being held back. John Cena is the superhero who the woman and children look up to. But what is Dolph Ziggler? How does one connect with him? Ziggler constantly speaks about being frustrated, but its not like the fans are frustrated that he’s held back. You have never seen fans literally hijack a crowd over Dolph Ziggler.


So now here is Lana. The WWE Universe have gone from constantly booing her when she comes out, to loving her. She could possibly be this generation’s Sable. One who generates a pop just by simply coming out to the ring and waving to the audience. There are some speculations that Lana will start wrestling soon, but in a stacked division, I have no interest in seeing her wrestle. However, now that she is with Ziggler, I would like to see her let her hair down. This will show us a different Lana cosmetically than the person she was with Rusev.


The pairing of Dolph Ziggler and Lana can be great for the two of them. Ziggler can get over more than he has ever been and Lana can go next level, being the woman they every man wants to see. But this can also backfire for Dolph Ziggler. He could be another victim of a gimmick failing, but the valet going over.  The clock is ticking for him. With Seth Rollins being the guy right now and Dean Ambrose looking to be the next big fan favorite, Ziggler may find himself being in the same position Mr. Perfect was in 1993. The question remains, will Dolph Ziggler be the Macho Man, or will he be Marc Mero. (Read the Gimmick article to for further explanation.)

P.S. On the Wrestling Summit Payback Post show, I mentioned Glen’s original statement, “give Dolph Ziggler a female manager.” I’ll just leave that there.






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