Brian H. Waters Top 15 Sports Moments Complete List

For my 30th birthday, I did a daily countdown of my favorite sports moments on 

15. Jordan Game Winner 

14. Tony Romo’s 8-yard pass to Terrance Williams

13. Chris Hoiles Game-Winning Grand Slam

12. Ray Lewis’ Block Heard Around the World

11. Cavaliers win the 2016 NBA Championship

10. Joe Flacco to Torrey Smith in Pittsburgh 

9. Kobe Bryant’s Last Game in Washington D.C.

8. Ravens Win Super Bowl XXXV

7. Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones, Mile-High Miracle

6. Kobe to Shaq in 2000 Western Conference Finals

5. Kobe Bryant’s Final Game

4. Orioles Clinch American League East

3. Lakers defeat Celtics in Game 7

2. Delmon Double

1. Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII

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