Brian H. Waters Top 5 Orioles Games at Camden Yards

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The Orioles just won their 1,000th game at the best ballpark in Major League Baseball, Camden Yards. While they have yet to play in a World Series game, there have been a lot of great memories since they opened the gates in 1992.  Here are my top 5 favorite games.

5. 2131

September 6, 1995

Through the summer of 1995, the countdown was on for Cal Ripken to reach 2,131 consecutive games played. The Warehouse on Eutaw Street even had the numbers taped. On September 5th, the world witnessed one of the greatest accomplishments in professional sports as Cal Ripken set a new MLB record, for most consecutive games played, a record that was previously held by Lou Gehrig. What was cool, he even homered during that game.

4 Running a Boston

September 28, 2011

The Orioles were on the verge of ending another disappointing season when they were facing their division rival, Boston Red Sox. On the final game of the 2011 season, the Red Sox, who were a lock for the playoffs weeks prior, found themselves fighting for a spot. Win and they were in, but the Orioles had other plans. Down to the final out with the game tied at 3 in the bottom of the 9th, Robert Andino hits an RBI single that wins the game for the Orioles and set the tone for next season.

 3. Hoiles’ Grand Slammy

May 17, 1996

The Orioles and the Seattle Mariners were two of the best home run hitting teams in 1996. The Orioles lineup featured nine 20 home run plus hitters, including Brady Anderson, Rafael Palmerio, and Cal Ripken Jr. The Mariners lineup featured the rookie, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jay Buhner. After Rodriguez hit a grand slam to give Seattle a 13-10 lead, it was Chris Hoiles who won the game with a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th of the notorious, nasty boy, Norm Charlton, giving the Orioles a 14-13 win. This game goes down as one of the most memorable games in Orioles history and for Hoiles, it was the night his son was born.

 2. Baltimore owns the AL East

September 16, 2014

The Orioles clinched their 1st division title since 1997, but it was special because it was at home. Fans will always remember the site of Adam Jones carrying the flag around Camden Yards and smashing pies in the faces of fans who desired it. This night was special because it officially put the end to the years of hanging in the basement of the American league East.

1.  The Delmon Double

October 3, 2014

Camden Yards have been great to the Orioles and while there have been some great wins, there has been none better than the moment Delmon Young hit the double heard around the world. With the Orioles trailing the Tigers, 6-4, and the bases loaded, Young came to the plate, first-pitch swinging and cleared the bases. The Orioles would go on to win the game and the series, sweeping three Cy Young winners en route to the American League Championship Series.

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