5 Women Who Can Be Huge in the Mae Young Class

WWE announced an all Women’s Tournament in honor of Hall of Famer Mae Young. For any women’s wrestling fan, this is one of the turns of the division that many have been waiting for. There are some names that fans will expect to see due to the roster change from Impact Wrestling. However, there are some names that should be considered that fans may not have thought of. Here are 5 names that would do well in this tournament.

Lana Austin

Lana Austin extremely popular internationally. Coming off the heels of NXT Takeover where the United Kingdom Championship match stole the show, bringing in more taken from the U.K. would not be a bad move. Not only can Austin wrestle, but she has a lot of charisma.


Britt Baker

Britt Baker may be known to the WWE audience as Nia Jax first Raw opponent, but women’s wrestling fans know that she has been on a roll in the independent circuit. Baker, full of smiles, has the ability to have the younger fans love her the same way they did Bayley when she was in NXT.

Hudson Envy

If you have been paying attention to the women on NXT, you notice there is no such thing as the “WWE look” when it comes to wrestling. Females are encouraged to step out of the box and be themselves. Hudson Envy is a perfect candidate for the Mae Young Classic. Her hard-hitting offense instantly puts the crowd on the edge of their seat when she is in the ring with her opponent. Would you want to go one on one with her?

Samantha Heights

Samantha Heights is one of those wrestlers that when she is in the ring, she knows how to keep you entertained. She is not afraid to take a risk and would be one to get the audience into her matches. Her agility and fiery attitude would make her appearance in the tournament one to remember.

Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan is one of the fastest rising women’s superstars in the business. No matter what promotion she’s at, she finds a way to give her audience a performance to remember. She is known as the girl on fire and in the Mae Young Classic, Hogan would prove why to the world, that there is no stopping her from her ultimate dream.

There are many female superstars in wrestling that I’m sure you are asking why are they not on this list. That’s why. I think we can give WWE credit that they will be a shoe-in for the tournament. So instead I wanted to present names that you may or may not know. Who are your picks for the Mae Young Classic?

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