These Women Could Cash In On Money In The Bank

It’s about time! WWE has advertised a Women’s Revolution for going on two years now. The women are valued for their in ring ability and not their looks. Do not get it twisted, they are all attractive in their own right, but when you see a match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks, your first thoughts are not whether or not their gear will reveal their curves.

WWE has officially solidified the women’s revolution by giving them the prestigious briefcase that they can cash in at any moment. When someone has possession of the briefcase, there is instant excitement once a title match comes to an end, because fans are constantly watching the curtain to see if someone will cash in and become World Champion. Now we will have that excitement when it comes to the women. Making early predictions, I am going to give you three names who I believe can walk away as Ms. Money in the Bank. One who has never worn gold, one who is in her prime and one of the veterans


Carmella was left behind in NXT when Enzo and Cass went to the main roster. Perhaps that was the greatest move of her career. Like Alexa Bliss, fans are able to get a full dose of her without being in the shadow of a tag team. Not only did Enzo and Cass lose their tag team title match at WrestleMania, but they lost all of their steam. Carmella, on the other hand, is just getting started. Her “homeboy” James Ellsworth adds an element to her character that makes you want to see her lose. At the same time, she goes out there and takes care of business in the ring. She could easily be the first women’s money in the bank winner and use Ellsworth to cash in the briefcase in the most opportunistic way. Remember when Edge first cashed in his briefcase.


Tamina has made her way back on WWE TV after being off for awhile. It is no secret that she and Naomi are family. Family feuds are the best, and what better opportunity for a family feud than for Tamina to cash in the briefcase on Naomi. She has yet to wear the title and now is the best time for her to do so. She is back with a purpose and looks like she is ready to wear the goal.


Natalya was once WWE Diva’s champion, but chances are you may be on Google right now to find out when. Through the Diva era, she managed to stay true to her family heritage and wrestle. She has recently taken the role of the leader of the Welcoming Committee and while every woman in her stable will be vying for the briefcase, this would be an opportunity for her to outsmart everyone and win the briefcase and rise back to the top of the women’s division.


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