Sasha Banks Back With a New Attitude

You’re Welcome! That was Sasha Banks’ response when asked why did she attack Natalya and Becky Lynch. The Boss has turned a new corner and I love it! There was a time when I was very critical of Banks. I didn’t believe the Boss character. I did not care for her personality, but I always respected her in-ring work. Most importantly, I always respected her love and passion for the business. Truthfully, I felt The Boss was better in NXT. Perhaps it was because she was a heel. When she broke through and won the NXT Women’s Championship, you knew who she was.


Sasha Banks and Bayley went on to have some of the best matches in NXT history. As they both went to the main roster, they had matches here and there, but they were never put in a program where we could really see the two prove they could draw money. Instead, they were put together and become the first women’s tag team champions since the 80s. After they lost the titles at WrestleMania 35, Sasha went on “vacation” only to return with a new attitude…and new hair. Now she has the attention of The Man, the Raw women’s champion, Becky Lynch. Don’t believe me, listen to what she said to Natalya after her backstage attack on Raw.  Now we can get the Sasha Banks that everyone talks about at the airports, the one that took Bayley to the limit in NXT. This is the Boss that the Man so needs to dance with.


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