Power Premiere: Why Courtney Kemp Why?









At the conclusion of last season, we were left with the image of Angela fighting for her life as Tommy, aiming for Ghost, shot her right in the chest. This sparked much debate online, to the point, that the creator of the show, Courtney Kemp posted on her Instagram page that Angela was not dead. So while everyone waited, this stopped the long debate. And then as soon as we tune in to this season what do we find out…ANGELA IS DEAD! Why Why Why???








Ok, now that I got my emotions of out the way, I understand why she had to die. She knew too much. She told Ghost that she was a not a witness after he asked her a few times, but once she and Ghost locked eyes with Tommy, there as no way they could keep her alive. While Ghost loves Angela more than life itself, he will never go down as a snitch. He told Proctor that he would rather put Tommy in a body bag not a jail cell.  As a fan of the show and a proud member of Team Jamie and Angela, I am not happy at all, but understanding how the story has to play out, I am on the ride ready to see who will survive. Will it be Tommy? Will it be Ghost? Only time will tell.

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