King Baron Corbin May Not Be So Bad

Baron Corbin defeated the Miz to advance in the King of the Ring Tournament. With Drew McIntyre out, a lot of people are starting to face a dreaded reality, Corbin could be king.

After thinking about this, ask yourself this question: when did you ever really love the King of the Ring winner? Now I’m as big of a Bret Hart fan as they come, but we all know he won it to pacify him for losing the WWE Championship. The best winners have been heels. While Baron suffers from coming up having multiple WWE title opportunities that were forgettable or failing to cash in the Money in the Bank, you have to admit he is one of the best heels in wrestling. Who is buying his merchandise? Who else do you want to see get their butt whipped more than him right now? So while it will be sickening to watch his coronation ceremony, it may just be best for business…

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