BWaters Productions Enters the Podcast Game, Sharing The Journeys of Successful

BWaters Productions Enters the Podcast Game, Sharing The Journeys of Successful

Break Through Glass Ceilings Promo Thumbnail.jpg


In life, we all know where we want to get to, but sometimes there are expectations set for us and the opposition does not want to see us succeed. Everyone has a story and sometimes listening to someone who has traveled a similar path can help you along the way. On the 100th episode of the Wrestling Wrealm’s podcast, Break It Down W/ Brian H., host Brian H. Waterswill announce the launch of his brand new podcast titled Breaking Through Glass Ceilings. This podcast will be the first podcast produced by BWaters Productions where guests will come on and discuss their journey to success and how they broke through glass ceilings to get to where they are.

Brian H. Waters is the owner and CEO of BWaters Productions and one of the co-founders of the Wrestling Wrealm. For both companies he has edited and produced various video and audio projects including Break It Down W/ Brian H. “I am excited to not only share my story but also share the stories of many successful people from various professional fields,” says Brian H. Waters.

The pilot episode will be Waters discussing his journey from the Johns Hopkins Nutrition Storeroom to Johns Hopkins Media Relations. Following the pilot episode, episode 2 will feature Kelsey Nicole Nelson, host of Listen In With KNN. and episode 3 will feature Brandon Williams, the student representative of the National Association of Black Journalists’ Sports Task Force. The podcast will be uploaded to Anchor.Fm and distributed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and other various podcast platforms. The podcast will air the pilot episode on December 23rd.

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