Media Appearances

Here are some of my appearances on Television, Radio, Podcast, Etc.

About Nothing But Sports 

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Quarter-Lee Report

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After The Whistle




About Nothing But Sports

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WrestleMania IS HERE and a special guest joins us! Chargers WR disses LeVeon Bell & Wizards fire GM

The Sports Wrap with Renee Washington

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WrestleMania Preview

Just A Bit Outside Radio Show


Just A Bit Outside Radio Show (10/08/2018)

Gully Blanchard Podcast


Ep 80 with Brian Waters from The Wrestling Wrealm Podcast

The Flex Zone

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In Between The Zone – June 30, 2018

Episode 189

Episode 190

Episode 191

Episode 192

Episode 193

Episode 198

In Between The Zone Ep.10 WWE AJ Styles and more


Meet Brian H. Waters: The Journalist Wrestling His Way Through The Industry

Listen In With KNN


Listen In With KNN Episode 35 – January 19, 2018

Rolling With Ramos

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Rolling With Ramos Episode 29: The Eric Dickerson Edition  – April 2018

Rolling With Ramos Episode 32: The Magic Johnson Edition – April 2018

Ron and Nick’s Rundown


Ron and Nick’s Rundown Podcast – April 20, 2018

The RoundBall Report

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The Roundball Report – June 2016