Keisha, You Not Bout That Life!

In episode 2 two of the final season of Power, Keisha continues to try to pry Tommy away from Tasha. She knows that he and Ghost are at odds, but because she is upset with Tasha, she does not want him to have any contact with her. She even stated that, she wants Tommy to be able to talk to her about anything. Is she really bout that life though? NO!

Keisha could not throw the gun away without panicking and then when someone knocked on the door, she panicked again. When Tommy was gone all day, she thought he was dead, how does she really think she going survive in these streets. Remember when she didn’t want anything to do with the drug game? Now all of sudden she knows it all and wants in. It’s no secret that she always envied Tasha’s glamorous life.  The diamonds, the diamonds, and of course the money. But that comes with a cost. For Tasha, she was married to a man who was in love with someone else. For Keisha, she is dealing with a hothead. Tommy is a shoot first, ask questions later. He killed the woman that he loved and his own father. What’s going to be Keisha’s fate if she jumps out of line?


Now, personally, I am a fan of them together. I think the bond with Cash will help keep Keisha alive. I can see Tommy having a bigger heart with her than he did with Holly. But remember, the thing that got Holly killed was the fact that she wanted Tommy to kill Ghost and how she wouldn’t let it go. Tommy and Ghost are brothers and they are dealing with what they both say they cannot come back from, but that’s for them to decide, not anyone else. So if Keisha doesn’t be careful, it could be the end of her, but again, the thing that will buy her time is the fact that Tommy is becoming a father to Cash. Her best bet is to rekindle her friendship with Tasha, because she will need to learn how to play her role in this situation.

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