Lana, You Are All Bobby Lashley Needs To Get Over

On the season premiere of Monday Night Raw, fans were left shocked, confused, and some irritated. You can always predict that there will be some sort of “return” or “debut” whenever there are a lot of eyeballs on the product, but who saw this coming. Bobby Lashley returned, signaled that he was coming for the WWE Universal title, but to everyone’s surprise, he is now smitten with Lana??? That’s correct, Lana and Lashley are a thing.

Earlier in the night, Rusev saved Seth Rollins from a two on one assault and officially joined Rollins on Team Hulk Hogan for the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV. But Rusev said, Rollins owes him and he wanted a title shot. When asked where is Lana, Rusev didn’t answer and then said he was not there to talk about his problems at home. Little did we know, the answer would be revealed.

Since his return to the WWE, Lashley has been a force to be reckoned with. However, he still has the same weakness he had during his first run, no one wants to hear him talk. Take the marriage drama out of the equation and you have the perfect manager for him. Yes Lio Rush was a good mouthpiece for him but there is no denying his talent in the ring. Eventually he may (or may not) have wanted to get back in the ring full time. Lana and Lashley ladies and gentleman are your next power couple. She would be the perfect compliment to him as he looks to finally capture a world championship in the big leagues. Yeah we know Lana and Rusev are married in real life and that may be awkward during media appearances and ride alongs, none the less this will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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