Angela’s Dead, Who’s Next? Season 6 Power Predictions

Now that I have mourned over the lost of Angela, life does go on. It’s time to look at the rest of the final season of Power. Who is next to go? Who is going to make the ultimate betrayal?

After the first episode, the entire Power internet community can agree that Keisha is not built for this. Tommy asked her to throw the gun in the river and what does she do? She doesn’t put gloves on!!! Now she has fallen head over heels for Tommy, and he has given her out, but I don’t think she will survive this season.

Tommy and Ghost are at odds after it was Tommy who killed Angela. Something he has been trying to do since the beginning. While we have seen them argue before, we now see them throw hands. For some reason, it’s hard for me to believe they will fight forever. Either they will both die, or somehow reconcile.

For some reason, I do not think Terry Silver is dead. We know Tasha has asked Ghost for a divorce. We saw Ghost our Silver in a chokehold but we have not seen a dead body since. He even told Angela he didn’t kill him. Tasha believes he did it. But what if he is still around? Of course Tasha wants to grant Ghost a divorce now because he doesn’t have someone to fall back on, but if Silver is alive you know Ghost won’t sign the papers and he will have to figure out how to get out of this one. And poor Angela… he wouldn’t have lied to her.

What’s your predictions

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